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How can I keep up with what's happening at eBid Widgets, by Kimbo!?

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Please note that I do not operate a shop premises and these address details are provided for mailing or pre-arranged collection only, not for browsing or buying, sorry. You can call me to arrange a purchase or visit my online shop in the menu above.
The telephone number is not manned 24/7, but if I'm not available an answerphone will take your call and I will respond as soon as possible. For general enquiries, and prompt action, I recommend that you use the email address below to get in touch. Alternatively you might find that your query is already answered on my FAQ page.

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If you prefer, you are welcome to use my online enquiry form:

Please include any information that will help me to help you.

How do I keep up with what's happening at eBid Widgets, by Kimbo!

There are two ways you can keep up-to-date with what's happenning here. Occasional thoughts (very occasional!) are jotted at my blogspot, or you can use the link in my shop to sign-up for my equally occasional newsletter.