eBid Widgets, by Kimbo! A bit of extra help

About eBid Widgets, by Kimbo!

Welcome to eBid Widgets, by Kimbo! where you can buy all manner of widget to help you sell on eBid, and get an extra helping hand while you're getting used to how it all works.

I gained over twenty-years experience in the IT industry, before sliding into the more genteel occupation of selling old books. Rather than let all that experience go to waste, I try to put it to good use, helping out where I can with technical support, and explaining how things work to the less techncially minded. For many people the guides and notes provided on my information site at www.bykimbo.com is all that's needed. But sometimes one needs a little more help, or wants to save time by buying some of the selling elements required, such as banners and templates.

With all that in mind, I started selling eBid Widgets (banners, templates, decorative elements) of all sorts in my Widget shop on eBid. It soon became obvious that there was a need for even more...

And so was born "www.ebidwidgets.com". A place where you can get that little extra help. What's offered here, in addition to the Widgets I sell on eBid, is an extra level of technical help. I can install your Widgets for you, whether or not you bought them from me (though I hope you do, of course!), I can straighten out your shops, set-up your forum posting profile, chat through any aspect of using eBid that you want to discuss. Different methods of contact are available: email, telephone, live chat... just choose the method, time and price that suits you best.